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Online Live Info. Session: Real-time Insights from Deep China Roots

Beijing Time: 8am June 25th, 2021 (8pm EST June 24th, 2021)

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This program aims to help visionary executives and managers, with business development as the core, understand China's economic development, capture new business opportunities, and extract policy and technological dividends brought about by this emerging market through competitive collaboration, and comprehensively improve the accessibility to local opportunities in China.

Courses will be will be delivered by professors of Peking University. 3-6 hours of commitment are required each week alongside with self-learning modules, providing progressivity, continuity, flexibility, andintellectual rigor.

Who Should Attend

Experienced senior managers/executives with significant responsibility for strategic decision making fromgrowth-oriented organizations,such as:

- Established private companies

- Local or multinational businesses

- Growing family businesses

- Government agencies, especially those working closely with the private sector

Unique Values Offered by Program

-Real time China business research findings with deep China roots

-Best practice sharing from seasoned overseas executives who are expanding their business in China

-Academic resources of China’s top university

-Connections and insights to rapidly expand your knowledge and interactions in an evolving business environment

Program Format

(Final schedule subjected to delivery)

This course will take you from the 10,000 feet Macro perspectives down to the Micro level on-the-ground strategies through 4 consecutive modules, each with 2 sessions taught by some of the most influential scholars and practitioners of the field.

Required Live Modules

Module 1 Understanding China - the Macro Perspective (Week 1)

-Understanding China Today

-Understanding China’s Economy

Module 2 Understanding Business in China (Week 2)

-Development Trend of China’s Business Sector

-Chinese Market in the Digital Era: Opportunities and Best Practices

Module 3 Key to Business Expansion in China (Week 3)

-Understanding Chinese Consumers

-How to Win Chinese Consumers: Insights and Best Practices

Module 4 Scale up in China, the Chinese Way (Week 4)

-Create a Business Friendly Environment

-Build for Success: Localized Organization Design and Management

This program offers Thinking Module and Compliance Module as bonus module options.

The Peking University Guanghua Advantage

One of China’s great intellectual strongholds, Peking University is renowned for its rich history, prestige, and scholastic culture. Peking University Guanghua School of Management builds on this legacy and continues to innovate and refine its practices for the modern economy. These methods have placed Guanghua students and faculty at the forefront of China’s business and policy worlds, driving them to create knowledge capital that has been integral to China’s rapid economic progress.

Expenses and Scholarships


2,800 USD


This program offers scholarships to top talents. For more detail on scholarship application, please contact

Certificates and Campus Learning Tour

Earn Course Certificate (both digital and hard-copy available) upon successful completion of the online program. The digital one will be emailed
to you in the name you used in registration.

1 day extra Campus Learning Tour will be offered as the VIP Pass to outstanding talents. For more detail on theVIP rights, please contact Guanghua School of Management reserves all rights.



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